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From Homeless to Multidimensional Entrepreneur & Author,
Revolutionizing Regenerative Investment

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DeFi Investor
Institute of Applied Multi-Dimensionality
DeFi Investor
Institute of Applied Multi-Dimensionality

Current Projects

Here is a look at some of what I'm working on right now.

The Book

From Homeless to Healer:

A Journey Through Entrepreneurship, Awakening and Merging with My Higher Self | Re-Release Spring 2024

From Homeless to Healer Book Cover
The Course

8th Chakra Course

Master your Soul's Blueprint and Become the Architect of Your Life. 90 Day Self-Paced Course.

The Venture Fund

Organic Alliance

General Partner
Investment Management Fund Creating generational wealth and transformation through sovereign finance.

Course Begins: 2 February, 2024 - Enrollment Open Now

8th Chakra Activation Incubator

For those dedicated to advancing the planet, the visionaries, leaders, healers, and code holders—your blueprint is undeniable. As you embrace your true self, there is support available to help you uncover spiritual gifts that may have previously seemed like obstacles or remained undiscovered.

90-day Self-Paced Course

Private community

Weekly worksheets

Live group call with Hemma

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The secret to managing ADHD & OCD while thriving in business

Blueprint Attunement

Your purpose here is to step into your highest potential. When you tap into the information that is held deep within you begin to ACTIVATE who you are on the highest levels.

Self-Realized is the New Self-Made

Private Sessions

Hemma takes a few private clients throughout the year. For inquiries about working with Hemma privately, please fill out the form by clicking below.